Public Hotel - Microclub

New York, NY

Ian Schrager’s, the Public Hotel, located in Manhattan, recently redesigned its rooftop club space, turning it into a fully immersive experience known as the Microclub on The Roof. This newly designed high-profile club, with a 360-degree view of Lower Manhattan, wanted to feature audio/video aspects as a key part of this club’s experience.

The initial challenge of this space was that the previous club emitted noise pollution, disturbing residential apartments two floors above. SH Acoustics, led by Principal Consultant, Steve Haas, was hired to take on this challenge, collaborating on an audio design that relied heavily on the controlled-dispersion properties of 1 SOUND loudspeakers, as well as consulting on acoustical treatments within the space to enhance both sound quality and containment in the new design. Essential Communications was brought in to complete the installation.

Architect | Beyer Blinder Belle

Designer | Bonetti/Kozerski

Construction Manager | Lehrer Cumming

AV Integrator | Essential Communications

Photos  SH Acoustics

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