Outside of our core markets of high-end residential and museums, SHA is regularly engaged for a wide variety of commercial projects including: recording & broadcast studios, houses of worship, performing arts, immersive theaters, nightclubs,  corporate, municipal and many other types of venues. We are typically brought into projects that involve unique challenges with acoustics, audio or both where ensuring that success is delivered is paramount for the client.

As acoustical consultants, our job is to identify potential acoustic issues, develop and document solutions, and advise as the design is implemented. Ideally, we are involved from conception to completion, ensuring that the acoustic goals of the project are achieved.

Originally a Connecticut-based company, our team has grown to include professionals across the tristate area, affording us the flexibility to work closely on projects from Boston to Washington DC. Our work reaches far beyond this area, though, spanning internationally.

Our consulting services are based on achieving optimum quality and control of sound in many different types of spaces. We address both the acoustic and the audio aspects of a project, including: room acoustics, sound and vibration isolation and building systems noise control. Our audio services include system design, troubleshooting, upgrading, tuning, and calibration.

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