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Working with the SH team was one of the highlights of building the Newseum—we have been recognized with many awards for our audio-visual elements—and we continue to consult with Steve when we need help with any challenging aspects of acoustic quality or audio delivery. Any project that needs a professional acoustician with an understanding of the visitor experience and museum operations would benefit from partnering with SH Acoustics.

Joe Urschel

Executive Director, Newseum

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SH Acoustics is the BEST. No home theater is complete without their input.

Theo Kalomirakis

President, TK Theaters

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I wanted to send along a quick note to say thank you — the ceiling is a huge improvement, and has fundamentally changed my quality of life in the apartment. I really appreciate the effort and thought that you put into this project, and would be happy to serve as a reference for SH Acoustics in the future. Great job.

Private Residential Client

Manhattan, NY

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Working in advertising, we are very focused on collaboration between our departments and as a result, have always designed our offices with open work spaces. Although there are benefits to working this way, the sound is often an area where employees complain. Asking employees to use inside voices only gets you so far. Enlisting the services of an acoustical professional, such as SH Acoustics, has improved our work environment and in turn increased the accuracy and efficiency of our work.

Julia Weber

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The acoustics [in the Museum of Prairiefire lobby] are just wonderful.  It works well for all occasions—a few people milling around, and for a gala event. Such a great feel to the space.  Thanks for doing such a great job.

Jonathan Kharfen, AIA LEED

Principal at Verner Johnson, Inc.

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As always your work is masterful, I spent all day yesterday in the Theater working and listening to a full range of music. And yes, the John Mayer album sounded awesome. I am thrilled to be able to again enjoy the full benefits of the room, but most importantly the rich and luscious sound envelopes the listener and makes for an extraordinary listening experience.

Thank you for coming back so quickly and assuring our listening experience is second to none! If I can ever be of assistance or provide a reference please don’t hesitate to call on me. It would be our pleasure to do so.

Michael B.

private client

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My wife and I knew we wanted a fun home, with lots of things going on, lots of exciting rooms, lots of places for our 6 kids to run around and have a good time. But we also knew we wanted to balance that with our desire to also have some “peace and quiet,” some separation, a chance for 3 kids to be running around and having fun in the arcade, while 3 of the older kids are doing homework in the room right next to it, and my wife and I are reading a magazine in the room right above that one! We also knew we wanted a home where 2 kids could go to sleep at 8:00, and not be awakened by 2 more kids coming home at 10:00, and for no one to be bothered when I sneak out to the office at 5:30 in the morning!! This was our “dream scenario,” and we knew the only way we could achieve this was by hiring a firm that specializes in helping make visions like this become reality. That’s why we did lots of research to be sure we were hiring the best acoustical design firm in the region, SH Acoustics.

Private Residential Client

Westport, CT

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