Eaton Corporation World Headquarters Atrium

Cleveland, Ohio

A new world headquarters fit for a company with roughly 100,000 employees in 175 countries, the expansive Eaton Corporation facility in Cleveland features a massive glass atrium entrance that soars seven stories high and is actively used for everything from special events to a series of immersive multimedia exhibits known as the Eaton Experience.

SH Acoustics worked with both the architectural and exhibit teams to design integrated acoustic treatments and a range of audio elements to optimize all uses for the atrium. We also performed extensive audio calibration to ensure that the end users can effortlessly switch between or combine the different modes of use and have the quality of sound always at its best.

Architect | KA Architects

Designer | Pickard Chilton

Exhibit Fabricator | Ralph Appelbaum Associates

AV Integrator | Zenith Systems/Electrosonic

Photos  SH Acoustics, Electrosonic

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