Coventry First Headquarters

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

Coventry, a leading insurance company, had a strong need for both acoustic quality and privacy in their new headquarters. What made their needs even more challenging was that Coventry’s culture included always maintaining open doors to offices—even for the top executives. SH Acoustics worked with MRID, the project designer, to utilize strategically placed and integrated acoustic materials in offices, corridors, and other common spaces to sufficiently attenuate speech transfer. This effort, combined with upgrades to common partitions and careful engineering of ambient noise levels throughout the facility led to a successful operation that delivered the necessary acoustic privacy even with the doors open. 

SHA has upgraded other spaces over the years for Coventry including boardrooms and conference rooms, as well as a major call center where we implemented a sound-masking system along with additional acoustical treatments to ensure that the considerable number of employees all engaged in customer conversations would be able to function well without the space being cacophonous.

Designer | Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design

Photos  MRID, SH Acoustics

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