Owl’s Nest Theater

Long Island, New York

This ornate theater is nestled in a 99-room home on Long Island and features a completely hidden high-end CAT audio system. The client, who works in finance, wanted something elaborate in style with the ultimate audio performance for both home acoustics and live performances. The room is shaped like a figure eight, with undulating walls. SH Acoustics was able to fit the large CAT speakers within these walls and engineer the room acoustics for high-performance sound quality and containment from adjacent living spaces above. We also designed the Concertino live music enhancement system especially for this room, electronically transforming the natural acoustics of the space to sound like Carnegie Hall and many other venues. The Concertino system has been a standard SH Acoustics offering for the optimal live performance residential acoustics. The result is the best of both worlds for both high-performance live performances and home theater acoustics.

Architect | Granoff Architects
AV Integrator | Lights Camera Action

Designer | Theo Kalomirakis

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