Argenbright Theater

Sea Island, Georgia

There is more acoustics than meets the eye in this Tuscan-themed theater. SH Acoustics collaborated with designer Theo Kalomirakis on the room’s design and hired a fabricator to create every stone and window of the faux Italian villa out of polystyrene foam. The team guided the fabricator not only on the construction of the themed elements but on what kind of finish coats to apply in order to create a surface that wouldn’t over-absorb sound. 

“From our museum experience, we were used to working in themed locations and had developed the skill to integrate the acoustics and audio in these areas while not letting those elements be known or seen,” says SH Acoustics founder and CEO Steve Haas. “We brought many of those same concepts to this themed theater project.”

Architect | J Frederick Construction
AV Integrator | Atlanta Home Theater

Designer | Theo Kalomirakis

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