Residential Services

  • Private Recording Studios

    The acoustic issues of private recording studios are similar to those of professional studios, but often have additional acoustical challenges due to space restrictions and less than ideal surroundings.Private studios these days come in many forms and are designed for a wide range of functions. No matter what the uses or construction budget, careful attention should be given to optimize the sound quality and control for both the artists and the producers/engineers..

  • Home Theaters and Media Rooms

    Our role in the custom home theater project is that of a designer and engineer of the natural acoustical space enveloping the home theater. We address every issue of sound quality and sound containment in order to provide the optimum listening experience, and to ensure that all integrated audio/visual systems reach their full potential within the space.This includes:

    • Sound and vibration isolation construction (the “shell” of the theater)
    • Interior sound quality (room treatments and integrating such treatments with aesthetic design, lighting and audio/visual equipment)
    • Noise control of systems (HVAC, lighting, electrical plumbing, audio/visual)
    • Construction supervision and reviews to ensure proper compliance with acoustic design
    • Investigative analysis and final verification measurements to ensure properly implemented solutions
    • Calibration and optimization of theater audio systems using digital signal processing and subjective listening techniques
  • Whole-House Acoustics

    SH Acoustics offers a variety of residential acoustic consultation services for single family, multi-family and high-rise homes. We can examine home designs to identify potential noises and vibration sources, and recommend ways to eliminate them. We can assist your architect in planning the size and shape of rooms for optimum acoustical performance and recommend finish materials that will achieve the best possible sound within your living spaces.In everything we do, we work very closely with interior designers, architects, and builders to ensure that all acoustic finishes have a high aesthetic factor, wall partitions offer an assurance of acoustical privacy, and noise from mechanical, electrical, plumbing and audio/visual systems doesn’t intrude on sound-sensitive spaces. Most importantly, this collaborative approach helps to ensure that all aesthetic requirements are met, and that each client’s personal vision for a better quality of living is truly realized.

  • Audio Listening Rooms

    There is nothing like listening to great music. However, when an inferior sounding room taints that listening experience, aural bliss quickly turns to sourness. A high-end audio system is very much like a fine, musical ensemble – requiring an ideal acoustical space designed to complement it perfectly, resulting in the very best sonic result. And every acoustic aspect – including noise control, sound isolation, environmental acoustics and the interior sound quality – must be considered.The listening room will severely affect the final quality of sound that is heard from an audio system by absorbing, reflecting, diffusing (scattering) or transmitting sound waves that impact its boundaries. SH Acoustics can ensure that the surface materials on the walls, ceiling and floor of an audio listening room are carefully chosen to achieve a balanced sound level in the room throughout the entire frequency range of human hearing.While engineering the room can greatly improve sound quality, there are many circumstances where ideal acoustic conditions cannot be achieved without sacrificing other key aspects of a room. To overcome unavoidable compromises, we have the ability to work with audio integrators to objectively calibrate and artistically tune stereo or surround audio systems using Digital Signal Processing.

  • Live Music Spaces

    In recent years, there has been a resurgence of this time-honored tradition of presenting live music in residential settings, especially among those who entertain frequently. And across the country, “House Concerts” are becoming one of the hottest new trends. But many contemporary hosts who engage musicians to perform in their homes (or who perform or practice themselves) are running into a common problem. Their music rooms, which often double as living rooms, great rooms or recreation rooms, are not acoustically ideal for live performances or even quality practice.There are varying degrees to which upgrades can be achieved. The simplest might be some basic acoustic treatments to control the sound-absorbing characteristics of the room as well as to provide a more diffuse environment. The most advanced involves moving beyond the physical adjustments and integrating a sophisticated acoustic enhancement system such as Concertino. All members of the SHA team have backgrounds as musicians/vocalists; and, combined with our experience with performance and rehearsal space design, we will be able to effectively transform any new or existing room into a top quality live music environment.