Museum Services

  • Exhibit Acoustics

    SH Acoustics works closely with the exhibit designer to ensure that the spatial relationships of individual exhibits are appropriate to minimizing sound bleed between areas. Acoustical treatments are provided for the overall exhibit galleries to control ambient patron and audio sound. More detailed treatments are incorporated into the exhibit structures themselves to enhance sound quality. These treatments are carefully chosen from a wide palette of unique solutions to ensure that the aesthetic vision of the exhibits is not compromised.

  • Multimedia Theater Design

    SH Acoustics uses the latest in multi-channel surround sound techniques to ensure that the audio program in multimedia theater spaces envelopes patrons with exceptional sound, while maintaining effective acoustical separation from surrounding areas. We work closely with exhibit designers, media producers and systems integrators to ensure that the acoustic and audio design harmonizes with the program content and is properly integrated into the theater space.

  • Galleries and Atriums

    Large public atrium’s and gallery spaces are often utilized for special public performances and speaking events. Often, the traditional building materials used in these spaces can result in an acoustic environment that is much too reverberant and prevent the delivery of clear, coherent, high-quality sound for these programs. SH Acoustics works with the building architect to find ways to provide sufficient control in these spaces without compromising the aesthetic essentials. We also advise museums on the benefits of providing an installed sound reinforcement system to better handle and control the unique acoustical requirements of such spaces.

  • Live Performance Spaces

    Performance-based theaters have become a key attraction and significant source of revenue for many museums and public spaces, but the need for versatility and flexibility in such theaters can often present distinct acoustical challenges. SH Acoustics has experience designing performance spaces of every shape and size for almost every genre of performance. Our multi-use design approach guarantees an acoustic environment that will meet the individual requirements of each unique venue, even if the space must accommodate everything from a string quartet to an amplified band. With every theater project, we work very closely with the owners, architects and theater consultants to ensure that all acoustic and audio requirements for the space are met.

  • Audio Delivery and Iterative Sound

    SH Acoustics analyzes the designer’s intent for the sound programs in each exhibit and matches how the sound gets delivered to the listeners with the desired content, area of coverage and production format. Our range of solutions includes some of the most advanced technologies in the audio delivery industry, ensuring that sound quality is never compromised. We perform an extensive final tuning of all exhibit audio to ensure that sound quality is optimized and audio levels are balanced within and between exhibit areas.